Friday, July 19, 2024

Chafford man set to stand trial for attempted murder

A MAN from Chafford Hundred is set to stand train over an attempt to murder another.

Huseyin Abuzet, aged 37, of Cumberland Road, Chafford Hundred is charged with the following.

1. On 27/08/2017 at Chafford Hundred attempted to murder another.

2. On 27/08/2017 at Grays had with you, without good reason or lawful authority, in a public place Cumberland Road, Chafford Hundred an article which had a blade or was sharply pointed, namely a kitchen knife with a black handle and 4 inch blade.

3. On 27/08/2017 at Chafford Hundred drove a motor vehicle namely Grey BMW 3 Series on a road namely Cumberland Road, Chafford Hundred while disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence

Abuzet will make his next court appearance at Basildon Crown Court on September 26th.


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