Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Spotlight on Essex Cardiothoracic Centre

Nurses Heart

NURSES from other local hospitals were invited to find out more about the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre (CTC) at a specially organised study day.

Sometimes patients admitted to neighbouring hospitals, including Southend, Broomfield and Colchester, need to be transferred to the CTC for specialist treatment or care.

Senior nurses on the CTC’s Chelmer ward who regularly liaise with colleagues in other hospitals, organised the study day as a way of educating and strengthening working relationships.

Liz Shaughnessy, senior sister and ward manager, said: “Over the last year CTC staff have visited our neighbouring hospitals where we receive our patients from, and we thought it would be nice to invite them here.

It was a successful event, which will hopefully lead to closer working relationships and a better experience for the patients.”

The study day also included information about preparation of patients for their cardiothoracic procedure and explained the patient’s journey during their stay in the CTC.


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