Friday, December 9, 2022

Thurrock Council continue crack down on Grays High Street

Grays High Street Litter

THURROCK Council has continued its joint operations with Essex Police to tackle street drinking and rubbish affecting residents and businesses in Grays Town Centre.

As part of the increased enforcement activity through clean it, cut it, fill it, environment and enforcement officers from Thurrock Council joined forces with Essex Police to combat those causing a nuisance and spoiling the area.

Recent operation days have seen 10 people receive Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for breaching the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) covering the town centre. They had their alcohol seized and were ordered not to return to the area for 48 hours.

37 businesses were warned about illegal advertising – including a-boards on the pavement and signs affixed to street furniture. Officers gave the businesses seven days to comply with the regulations or they face an FPN.

Officers also visited 68 businesses to ensure they have the correct trade waste arrangements in place. 16 businesses were given 14 days to produce the documentation or face a £300 fine.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, welcomed the action. He said: “We all know the challenges and issues around Grays Town Centre – and we are taking robust action with our partners to tackle them.

“A-boards on the pavement and ads fixed to street furniture are unsightly, hazardous and spoil the area. We will work with businesses to remind them that their advertising has to meet regulations. We have already issued two fines to a company who put a sign on a pallet and fixed it to a lamppost.

“But when companies continually flout the law and cause a nuisance we will take robust action. Clean it, cut it, fill it has been widely recognised as improving the borough and we will not let up in our efforts to keep those improvements going.”

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  1. There we are…Looks like the council are doing a great job cleaning up Grays High Street. Come on TBC is a hovel.

  2. Hang on to your handbags shoppers !!!
    Wednesday, Grays High Street a masked off road motorcyclist riding up and down Grays High Street, looking very intimidating and no doubt looking for a bag to snatch.
    Where were the police or council….I can tell you folks, no where to be seen.


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