Saturday, February 4, 2023

No Butts: Thurrock Council continue to get tough on those who drop cigarettes in Grays

THURROCK Council has continued its crackdown on those who drop cigarettes in Grays.

Here is a list of the latest individuals who have been fined at Basildon magistrates court.

Caroline Barber, aged 42, Arabis Place, London. Fined: £130.00

Maria Diloui, aged 37, Conway Gardens, Grays. Fined: £608.00

Offiong Effiwatt, aged 60, Cecil Avenue, Grays. Fined: £608.00

Michael McKay, aged 28, Richards Avenue, Romford. Fined: £608.00

Thomas Mills, aged 60, Fieldway, Stifford Clays. Fined £608.00

Andrzej Podgorski, aged 49, Usk Road Aveley. Fined: £608.00

Constantin Tase, aged 59, Bradbourne Road, Grays. Fined: £608.00

Tony Watts, aged 32, Oxwich Close, Corringham. Fined: £319.00


  1. Great to see the council fining for litter, but (pardon the pun) bet they don’t spend the money on the rest of the filthy borough.Take any road in the borough and it is a filthy hovel.


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