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Impressive performances by Thurrock at Essex Swimming Champs


SWIMMERS from Thurrock Swimming Club participated in the first block of this year’s Essex Age Group Championships. It was a very successful weekend with a number of medals being won and nearly all swims were personal best times for the swimmers participating.

Tilly Mayes came 1st in an event best time in the 100m fly-over. She also set a best time in the 100m backstroke and finished in 5th place in the 200m free-style with a new personal best.

Sophie Conroy came 1st in the 200m fly-over, 2nd in the 200m Individual Medley, 3rd in the 200m freestyle and 5th in the 100m breaststroke – a fantastic achievement during this event.

Harrison Jarvis finished 1st in the 200m breaststroke and 6th in the 400m free-style. He also achieved a personal best in the 100m freestyle, fly-over and backstroke.

Elise Delapperal swam a great 400m and 200m individual medley finishing 2nd in both events. She also achieved 4th place in the 200m free-style and obtained a new personal best in the 100m breaststroke.

Alexa Miles Stevens achieved a huge personal best in the 100m breaststroke finishing in 2nd place and also set a personal best in the 200m individual medley.

Martine Tran finished in 2nd place in the 100m fly-over and 4th place in the 100m backstroke – achieving personal best times in both races.

Jenson Hurrell swam a great 400m free-style and 100m backstroke – finishing 3rd in both races. He also achieved 5th place in the 100m fly-over.

Mide Olajide came 3rd in the 100m fly-over where he achieved a lifetime-best swim.

Jimmy Taylor achieved a personal best in the 400m individual medley.

Colin Moghina and Ben Minister set a personal best time in the 100m fly-over.

James Edgings and Aaron Lambie both achieved personal best times in the 400m freestyle and 200m fly-over.

Daisy May Catmore, Jasmine Verlander, Paige Laybourn-Morris, Eloise Bruce and Maria Stanciu set a personal best in the 200m freestyle.

Eloise Bruce and Jack Conroy achieved best 200m individual Medley.

Madalyne Alkins and Teni Ogulesi achieved a best time in the 100m breaststroke.

Kevin Moghina, Ben Minister, Mide Olajide, Jenson Hurrell, Luke Crofts, Kieron Harris, Aiden Wood, Daniel Boboye, Samuel Barella, Christian Calianu, Daniel Thompson, Jack Conroy and Joshua Shepherd achieved a personal best in the 100m freestyle.

Joshua Shepherd, Phoebe Brennan, Rebecca West, Ethan Paraiwa, Radost Milkova, Rebecca Honeywell and Daniel Thompson achieved a best time 100m backstroke.

Ethan Paraiwa, Luke Crofts and Kieron Harris achieved best times in the 200m backstroke.

Daniel Boboye, Ben Minister, Colin Moghina and Ayobami Akindele swam a best time in the 200m breaststroke.

Aiden Wood, Ben Minister and Jimmy Taylor achieved a personal best time in the 400m freestyle.

Phoebe Brennan and Bryony Edgings achieved a personal best time in the 200m freestyle.

In the 11-12 year medley relay Jasmine Verlander, Elise Delapperal, Sophie Conroy and Priya Dhillon finished 2nd place. Eloise Bruce, Louise Webster, Paige Laybourn-Morris and Daisy Patterson also performed very well.

In the boys, freestylestyle category, Oliver Schneider, Daniel Boboye, Aiden Wood placed sixth overall and Jan Milkov, Ryan West, Ashton Clarke, Daniel Thompson swam very well.

In the 15 years and over medley team, Kieron Harris, Luke Crofts, James Edgings and Aaron Lambie swam well.

In the girls 10-14 freestyle event Teni Ogulesi, Elise Delapperal, Bryony Edgings and Jasmine Verlander finished 9th and Lillian Tagg, Madalyne Alkins, Priya Dhillon and Mia Ward also swam well in their team.

The boys 10-14 medley team, Jenson Hurrell, Harrison Jarvis, Jimmy Taylor, Mide Olajide swam to 3rd place and Ben Minister, Matteo Castello, Ethan Paraiwa, Colin Moghina also performed well.

In the girls 15 and over freestyle team Rebecca West, Tilly Mayes, Martine Tran and Abigayle Still finished 6th and Radost Milkova, Holly Ovey, Cate Diaz and Phoebe Brennan also swam well in this event.



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