Letter to Editor: “Former Ukip cannot bee serious”

Letter to Editor

Dear Sir,

Last weekend, homes in Ockendon and Belhus woke up to a leaflet from the new Thurrock Independent party.

The leaflet boldly proclaimed that ‘this a party that will put people before politics’. A laudable aim – but shouldn’t they have been doing that already? I’d ask residents to consider their newly ‘independent’ councillor not on the promises of a leaflet, but what he or she has actually done for them in the last few years – about anti-social behaviour, NHS and police cuts, the loss of children’s centres… actions speak louder than words!

Secondly, while many of us will be glad to see the back of UKIP, you have to wonder how ‘independent’ this new group are? Last week they were forced to admit that they haven’t even de-registered with the council as UKIP! What’s more, their main paymaster is still a UKIP MEP (‘We hate Europe but we love their money!’) while four more councillors are currently workign for UKIP.

We’re not that easily fooled – this ‘new force in politics’ is just the same old WASPs – in bees’ clothing

Yours sincerely

Mike Fletcher
Labour candidate for Belhus

Editor’s Note

Thurrock Council’s website now has all former Ukip councillors designated as Thurrock Independents.

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