Ambulance Service needs funding for 160 new vehicles

An ambulance service needs funding for 160 new vehicles over the next two years to meet growing demand, MPs have been warned.

The East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS) has been under scrutiny after claims patients had died after delays.

EEAS chief executive Robert Morton told local MPs: “For two years we’ve been saying there’s a gap between capacity, demand and the resources we need.”

The government says it has given the ambulance service extra resources.

Mr Morton told an informal meeting of East of England MPs that ambulance handover times at hospitals were improving, but the local ambulance service still needed more resources.

A meeting scheduled for March was brought forward following claims that patients may have died over the Christmas period due to delays in ambulances reaching them.

Mr Morton said the trust was still investigating a number of incidents but so far had not seen any evidence to suggest anyone had died as a result of a delay.

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