Saturday, July 20, 2024

Thurrock Independents question level of customer service at council

THURROCK Independents continue to have concerns about the quality of customer experience residents are reporting. Concerns are often raised regarding the same small number of departments within Thurrock Council. We believe that these problems are historic, and in some cases have become the accepted culture within certain teams in the Council.

Cllr Luke Spillman, said; “Time and time again incidences of conduct, that would not be acceptable in any professional environment, are highlighted without any action being taken. A culture of collective denial when complaints are made appears to exist within certain departments. Thurrock Independents believes that this represents a failure of departmental management and monitoring. Such cultures cannot exist in departments that are being managed properly. It represents a failure to adequately train and support staff. Often staff are faced with emotional and sometimes desperate residents. How can we expect staff to manage and defuse such situations if they are not being adequate trained, supported, monitored and managed?

“Thurrock Independents have identified the areas of the council where these problems continue to reoccur. If Thurrock Independents are elected to run the council in May we will take decisive action. Our instructions will be explicit and uncompromising to those with management responsibility. The consequences of continued failures to meet acceptable standards of customer care will be laid bare. There are great departments in Thurrock Council who achieve an exemplary standard of customer care. If they provide this standard of service, then there are no excuses for departments who are failing to match them.

“Everyone contacting Thurrock Council deserves to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy. Thurrock Independents will prioritise making the changes necessary to ensure this. If you want change vote for it. Vote Thurrock Independents. Improving Thurrock for all.”


  1. Good for you Independents. You have my vote.
    Thurrock Council are one of the most incompetent Councils in the South East. In fact they are well known for being so among the other local authorities.
    They are not transparent as they should be and they are not accountable, so lets get voting them out!
    Just no Labour in or we will be far worse off.


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