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Will new strict access to Linford Tip result in more fly-tipping?

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CRITICS have warned Thurrock may suffer a surge in fly-tipping as a result of stringent new controls about to be enforced at the borough’s main community tip.

From next month residents wanting to use anything other than a family car to take rubbish to the tip at Linford Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Buckingham Hill Road near Stanford-le-Hope, will have to apply for a permit to use another vehicle.

Though permits are free, it could take up to four weeks for a pass to be granted and that, say opponents of the scheme, means anyone who hasn’t made plans might turn up with a vehicle at the tip and be waved away – with the likelihood materials might get dumped illegally.

Under the ruling Conservative administration’s flagship ‘Clean It, Cut It, Fill It’ policy strict new rules have been put on vehicles allowed to turn up and use the facility without a permit.

Vehicles without side or rear windows – for example, a Transit van, will not be allowed, nor will flatbed vehicles, pickup-style vehicles and sign-written vehicles. Large family cars, from which seats have been removed, will also not be allowed and even trailers pulled by family cars are now outlawed!

Thurrock council tax payers can apply for permits that allow either:
1. a registered vehicle to visit the site up to 12 times in a 12-month period
2. a hired vehicle to visit the site up to two times in a seven day period – you must provide proof of hire and may make no more than 6 permit applications each year

Only one permit is allowed for each household. You can apply to replace a lost permit, but only once each year. If you replace your vehicle, you will need to obtain a replacement.

Portfolio holder for environment, Cllr Aaron Watkins said: “Our ‘Clean it, Cut it, Fill it’’ initiative continues to make residents proud to live in Thurrock.

“Providing a household waste and recycling centre is a key element in keeping our borough clean and tidy and importantly providing residents with opportunities to recycle items that they wouldn’t ordinarily place in their household bins.”

Thurrock Labour group leader Cllr Oliver Gerrish is one of those who thinks the idea is ill-conceived and said: “I am extremely concerned that this new scheme will result in a surge of fly-tipping across the borough. If residents have the right to use the tip, we should make it easy for them to do so.

“Anything that stops waste being easily disposed of makes it more likely that we will see rubbish piling up in the streets and alleys of Thurrock. We certainly shouldn’t do anything that makes the problem worse.”


  1. I can Guarantee this will lead to more fly tipping, costing the tax payer even more.
    Another hair-brain Council scheme.

  2. Agree TGDH . How can this be saving money by encouraging more fly tipping.We should be able to use the tip irrespective of what car or van we use providing it is household rubbish.The last scheme where you had to show ID that you were a resident lasted about 3 months .

  3. Typical Thurrock insanity, to say the residents are proud of Thurrock is an understatement, the dust collections are being changed so far as we read, so that is a negative for me for a start, then the missed bins scenarios that cause most of my visits to the tip, so to put a maximum number of visits a year is ludicrous, we are residents and our mode of transport should be acceptable in any form providing it is not a wagon, so long as we are tipping household rubbish.

    So for sure this is another backward thinking plan from very blinkered thinking people, do I think Fly Tipping will increase, yes because there will be those who won’t waste fuel to travel to the tip to be turned away.

  4. Lets get voting these inberciles out and get a New World Order in. A party with common sense would be a good start.


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