Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Thurrock Labour leader: Your vote matters!

Your Vote Matters

WITH council elections fast approaching on May 3rd, Thurrock Labour are reminding residents how much their vote matters.

Oliver Gerrish 17

Commenting on the recent tied result in the Ockendon by-election, Cllr Oliver Gerrish, Leader of the Labour Group said, “It really is remarkable that the last two council election results declared in Thurrock – for Blackshots in 2016 and Ockendon in 2018 – have been settled by one vote or fewer. Beyond that, we have seen many results over the last few years with wafer thin verdicts in one direction or another.

“I think the lesson for us all is that in Thurrock your vote really does matter. Perhaps more than anywhere else in the country. In some places, if you don’t manage to vote on the day, it might not make much difference – but in Thurrock it will probably change the result!

“On Thursday 3rd May, Thurrock goes to the polls again for the council elections. So if you think you won’t be able to make it on the day for any reason – get yourself a postal vote sorted. If you’re busy, plan your day now so you can make sure you have time to vote and make your voice heard.”


  1. Whats the point we don’t trust Blairights and we don’t trust Tory scum.

    I am seriously considering starting a political party that each member votes how she or he wants. Rather than have a party line.

  2. You can’t trust Labour whatsoever.
    Remember it was LABOUR that give the go ahead to close Tilbury Hospital and the Orsett.
    It was Labour who sanctioned the building of houses on Orsett Hospital site and Labour that hit us with almost 60 stealth taxes.
    VOTE for a change and vote for a different party all together.

  3. Rocket, you have my vote.
    Don’t count on Catching the Bus though, he’s a wet…lol


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