Bin Strikes: Thurrock Tories condemn “disgusting” strike action and slam Labour

THURROCK Conservatives condemns the “disgusting” news that strike action has been called by Unite Union.

Thurrock Conservative Leader Rob Gledhill said, “This is pure political manoeuvring by the Union during an election period. They continue to scaremonger by saying the Council are putting in spy cameras and nothing can be further from the truth. These cameras are industry standard cameras put in to protect the workers and residents and have been on the vehicles for years.

“The Council has no interest in spying on the workforce or the public, the Union have been made aware of this and as ever, show no desire to listen but to make political manoeuvres.

“The sweeper system they describe as a mess was put in last May to improve overall performance, something both Unite and the workers all unanimously voted for. I am sure residents will be disgusted that the weekly bin collections they pay for will be disrupted because the union thinks putting their members residents safety first and new working procedures they backed are good reasons to strike.

We know the local Labour Party have been actively helped by Unite in the upcoming elections and timing a three day strike for the week of the elections is pure political opportunism. So I am sure as residents find out the reality of why their weekly bin collections are disrupted they will see this action for what it is.

I now call on both the leaders of the other two political parties in Thurrock to stand with Thurrock Conservatives in supporting our boroughs residents, to denounce this strike for what it is and back our call for Unite along with their members to end this strike immediately before even one bin collection is missed.”

Cllr Aaron Watkins, Environment Portfolio Holder said. “I am disappointed it has come to this. Unite scaremongering is going to cause nothing but disruption for our residents in Thurrock. I can’t understand why the message can’t get through to Unite, they are not spy cameras. They are not spying on workers or the public, they are there to protect the public and staff.

“I hope this issue can be resolved without needing to strike but a message to Unite, it is Thurrock residents you are affecting. End this nonsense, sit down and lets get this resolved.”

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