Gateway Learning Community sponsor wells in Africa


THE GLC are proud to announce that they have sponsored a second drinking well (the first was in 2006), with the help of AquAid Water Coolers and the Africa Trust. Founded by AquAid in 2010, the mission of the Africa Trust is to bring sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa and one of the most effective ways to end the cycle of poverty is to empower a community to care for itself.

From the ground up, the Africa Trust has helped fund orphanages, improve clinics, pay school fees and provide skills training; giving many thousands of children and adults the opportunity to rise above their circumstance and strengthen their community. Part of this sustainable development includes providing access to clean productive water and decent sanitation.

With every bottle of water that AquAid supply, a 30p donation is made to the Africa Trust along with a £20 per annum donation for every mains-fed water cooler installed. With these donations made, the Africa Trust has built more than 5,000 water pumps, also known as Elephant Pumps, in communities across Africa, bringing life-giving water to thousands of people every day.

Mr Kevin Sadler, CEO of the GLC, said “I am incredibly proud and truly humbled that we are able to be part of this wonderful campaign to provide clean drinking water to the families in Africa. We at the GLC are a community of schools and are delighted to help another community in need. To see the well itself in situ provides a visual reminder for our staff and students to be proud of.”

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