Monday, September 26, 2022

Politics: Candidates declared for Thurrock local elections

LOCAL election nominations for councillors have officially closed and the names of all candidates standing in for election in Thurrock on 3 May have been released.

Polling cards have been delivered to eligible electors giving details of their polling station and how to apply for postal or proxy votes. Polling hours on Thursday, 3 May are from 7am until 10pm.

Anyone who has not yet registered to vote has until midnight on 17 April to apply. Applications can be made online at or by calling 01375 652 816.

Those who require a postal vote should contact the elections office on 01375 652 816. The deadline for applications to vote by post is 5pm on Wednesday 18 April. Proxy vote applications must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, 25 April.

Four wards – Chafford and North Stifford, Corringham and Fobbing, East Tilbury and Stanford-le Hope-West – have no local council elections this year. In each election only a third of all seats in the borough are up for election, which means these two councillor wards will not be contested this time.

Aveley and Uplands

Tim Aker (Thurrock Independents)
Peter Curtis (Ukip)
David Van Day (Conservative Party
Rafal Zak (Labour Party)


Chris Baker (Thurrock Independents)
Mike Fletcher (Labour Party)
Georgette Polley (Conservative Party)

Chadwell St Mary

Paul Arnold (Conservative Party)
Barbara Rice (Labour Party)
Paul Stevens (Thurrock Independents)

Grays Riverside

Wendy Herd (Conservative Party)
Martin Kerin (Labour Party)
Shane McDonagh (Thurrock Independents)

Grays Thurrock

Evelina Vulpe (Conservative Party)
Gillian Wardrop (Thurrock Independents)
Lynn Worrall (Labour)

Little Thurrock Blackshots

Jacqueline Dobson (Labour Party)
Ben Maney (Conservative Party)
Oliver Smith (Thurrock Independents)

Little Thurrock Rectory

Lawson Akhigbe (Labour Party)
Rob Gledhill (Conservative Party)
Jay Hayers (Thurrock Independents)


Janet Baker (Thurrock Independents)
Romanus Nwakuna (Conservative Party)
Sue Shinnick (Labour Party)


Barry Johnson (Conservative Party)
James Mower (Thurrock Independents)
Vince Offord (Labour Party)
Adrian Short (Ukip)

South Chafford

Abbie Akinbohun (Labour Party)
Tunde Ojetola (Conservative Party)
Torren Snell (Thurrock Independents)

Stanford East and Corringham Town

Alex Anderson (Conservative Party)
George Elcock (Labour Party)
Roy Jones (Thurrock Independents)
Michael Keal (Ukip)

Stifford Clays

Stephen Andrews (Ukip)
Elizabeth Rigby (Conservative Party)
Graham Snell (Thurrock Independents)
Lee Watson (Labour)

The Homesteads

Gary Byrne (Thurrock Independents)
Daniel Chukwu (Labour Party)
James Halden (Conservative Party)
Peter Prendegast (Ukip)

Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

Allen Mayes (Thurrock Independents)
Bukky Okunade (Labour Party)
Elaine Parker (Conservative Party)

Tilbury St Chads

Steve Liddiard (Labour Party)
Paul Martin (Thurrock Independents)
Steve Minett (Conservative Party)

West Thurrock and South Stifford

Qaisar Abbas (Labour Party)
Chris Boosey (Democrats and Veterans Party)
George Coxshall (Conservative Party)
Michael Wager (Thurrock Independents)


  1. As long as we don’t vote for the Labour incompetents we stand a chance of seeing change.

  2. Thurrock Independents Party, the Great Pretenders!

    The candidates are up and running in the Local Government Elections with hurdles to jump before they reach the winning post on the 3rd May 2018.  Win or lose I wish most of them a safe journey and the satisfaction of a race well run.

      However, there are some candidates from the Thurrock Independents Party for whom I would shed no tears if they fell at the first fence.

    The current Thurrock Independent Councillors were originally elected as UKIP Councillors and became the main opposition, relegating the Labour Group to third place.   At the beginning of this year they decided to call themselves the Thurrock Independents Party without immediately resigning as UKIP Councillors and subjecting themselves to validation by means of bye-elections, i.e. they were desperate to cling onto power and they were scared stiff as to the outcome.  As a result, the main opposition has been in the hands of imposters for the past 3 months or so.

    I hope the voters, especially UKIP members who may feel betrayed by the Thurrock Independents Party, will take note of this blatant act of political chicanery by the Thurrock Independents Party candidates and show their disapproval by denying them their support.

    I do not understand why UKIP, both locally and nationally, have failed to take action against Mr. Tim Aker and the other Thurrock Independents Party Councillors.  Why have they not expelled Mr Aker thus making it clear to everyone that he can no longer claim to be a member of UKIP either as an MEP or a candidate in the Local Government elections?

    In the 1950s there was a singing group called the “Platters” and one of their hits was a song titled “The Great Pretender”.  With a little tweaking the words could aptly be used to describe the Thurrock Independents Party.

    Oh yes we’re the great pretenders
    Pretending that we’re doing well
    Our needs are such we have to pretend so much
    We pretend to be what we’re not (you see)
    That’s why we’re the great pretenders.


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