Monday, September 26, 2022

Ward by Ward: Grays Thurrock


GRAYS Thurrock like Grays Riverside appears to have seen off the UKIP threat over the last few years. In 2014, Mike Stone won by 139 votes and in 2016, John Kent won by 213 votes.

The fact that UKIP polled so heavily let them know that people felt disaffected. Whether Labour has the answers is another matter entirely.

The issues still remain, from crime to potholes, housing to health.

Former Tilbury councillor Lynn Worrall returns but now in Grays. Labour will welcome Lynn who was a real force with portfolios such as Housing. No shrinking viole, Lynn will be keen to take on the Conservatives and whatever is left of the Thurrock Independents. From local plan to plans for health hubs, Lynn will no doubt hold power to account.

The Conservative candidate is Eveline Vulpe. She would hope to get over 300 votes

The Thurrock Independents will also hope to see evidence that they have a future. Their candidate is Gillian Wardrop. Again, they may well see over 200 as a moral victory.

YT Prediction: Labour Hold


Eveline Vulpe: Conservative
Lynn Worrall: Labour
Gillian Wardrop: Thurrock Independents


  1. Anyone but Labour.
    Remember how they decimated the working man before…nothing has changed.

    Please – Don’t vote incompetent Labour


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