Wednesday, September 28, 2022

New Thurrock Council bin lorries can take more rubbish than ever before

Bins 2

NEW bin lorries purchased by Thurrock Council are now able to take more rubbish than ever before.

Residents had contacted YourThurrock concerned that new lorries purchased by Thurrock Council were not able to take as much rubbish as usual. Infact one reader thought that they had to return the newly purchased bin lorries and return them, incurring much expense but it looks like that is far from the case.

We asked Thurrock Coucnil about the new bins. A spokesperson said: “They (new bin lorries) are basically exactly the same size. The new lorries are same width, length and height as existing ones.

The only difference is the new lorries are slightly lighter. They can take more tonnage because they are lighter”.


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