Come and join in Thurrock’s International Celebration of Culture


THE Thurrock International Celebration of Culture will hit Grays High Street on Saturday 7th July with a multicultural feast of music, song and dance.

Mixing local talent with performers from around the world, the TICC Hi! Festival will be a colourful, loud and vibrant celebration of Thurrock’s wonderful diversity.

Kharmahead band from Singapore head up the fest which will also feature Nepalese dance, a pan African music and dance ensemble with a Yoruba Character, Thurrock Golden Voices choir, Indonesian gamelan, Temple Springs Music School, Thurrock’s exciting “Hidden Gems” poem, and a fun day to enjoy singing , dancing, playing music and painting along with the performers.

Working with different community groups and Thurrock Music Services, TICC has set up a day of free live entertainment and participation.

Chair Neil Woodbridge said ”Grays is a great little town and we love to do the street festival every July. This year we have a true international line-up and a great opportunity to invite friends to a day of lively entertainment”

3 Responses to "Come and join in Thurrock’s International Celebration of Culture"

  1. thurrocksgonedownhill   May 1, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    Grays is a great little ..Now that is funny.
    Mr Woodbridge, please don’t insult the residents. Grays is a drug infested hovel, with gangs fighting and murdering on a regular basis. Drunken immigrants intimidate the shoppers and police have lost control, not that they bother anymore. Shoplifting is rife and there is rubbish everywhere, and you call it a great little town. Maybe if you are drug dealer, but not for us residents.

  2. rocket1   May 3, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    I thought the celebration of culture hit grays high street three or four years ago,every other culture than british.The bloke with no teeth and a guitar is my favourite,we should enter him for the Eurovision song contest.

  3. thurrocksgonedownhill   May 4, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    Is the person in blue in the picture got a penis on his face?
    Bet the local Vicki Pollards would love to know what culture he’s from.

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