Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Thurrock Indy councillor concerned at discovering asbestos dumped in Aveley

AN AVELEY councillor has expressed his concern at seeing what he claims is asbestos dumped in the ward he represents.

Asbestos Aveley

Thurrock Independents Aveley and Uplands Cllr Peter Smith said: “Whilst I was on my walkabout in Aveley this evening, I was disheartened to find another industrial flytip in our Borough including Asbestos.

“I would urge residents with any information to speak with the authorities.

“Once again Aveley bears the brunt of commercial fly-tipping, this time at the bottom of Purfleet Road. The Thurrock Independents motioned the last Full Council to hold an environmental summit to fully protect and enforce the various health issues we face including air quality, rubbish and fly-tipping that plagues the lives of our residents.

“I believe this is a result of soft enforcement by the current Conservative Administration, lack of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) at entry points in and out of the Borough and lack of political will to take on this issue head on. We need to see urgent action on this issue before it gets even worse.”


  1. Cllr Smith, you should know by now that unless you catch red handed or cctv footage of the actual fly tipping TBC will not pursue the matter. ANPR is no good.
    The council are never interested when you report this activity(and I have) so I don’t bother anymore, nor do others.
    Please stop winging about fly tipping until we have some serious action to stop it from TBC.

  2. TGDH

    You state that TBC are not interested, I read that they only bet on favourites and won’t put money into long shots, I agree, the reality is its the longshots tyhat are causing the Environmental issues a dropped ciggie butt will rot away in time, you may not live in Aveley, but fly tipping is a big issue Thurrock wide and it is the responsibility of TBC, recent press releases show us as way down the list enviromentally, you are right TBC like soft targets with no confrontation, hewnce chasing dropped cigarette butts in heavy footfall areas that make easy targets and with enforcers lurking in doorways are easy money for TBC which I don’t agree with, as Cut it, Clean it isn’t working and is a gimmick, if it was there would be no fly tipping or potholes locally, Cllr Hebb announced that by the end of March 2018 there would be no potholes, he has not responded since to explain why there is.

    A total farce so when we get local people working for local people and voicing their opinions I see this as a positive and Cllr Smith should be commended for his stance, I don’t agree that ANPR cameras don’t work, they do, its time for the current FULL Council to man up and do the job they are elected to do.

    Another step backwards I noted yesterday when the 3 staff on the reception at the Civic Offices has been downgraded to ONE on a small stand with a 25 minute wait to be spoken to, then looking around to write up some paperwork, noted a desk and chairs local to the stand with a sign stating not for public use, so had to crouch down on a ledge at the far side of the reception area, proving that TBC don’t like verbal communications, prefering on line contact, where nobody can be held responsible for any inactivity that follows.

  3. I have reported fly tipping three times and as far as I am aware nothing has happened,if it is not on council land they are not interested.

  4. Big Noise, I agree with you in the main. TBC is a council not fit for purpose and that needs to be acted upon.
    ANPR is a good system for what is is meant for.What I meant was unless the fly tipper is caught in the act physically or with clear cctv evidence no prosecutions will be instigated, even then it is doubtful. ANPR is no good in this instance.
    I have gave the council proof and evidence in the past and I can say with 100% confidence they did not act on it.
    Maybe the council should change their slogan to ‘cut it, clean it and fly tip it’


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