Hathaway Academy students raise funds for Havens Hospice

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HATHAWAY Academy students have undertaken a number of fund-raising activities for their chosen charity, Havens Hospice.

But who better to tell you than one of their Year 8 students, Ava.

Ava said: “Since February, we have been doing a project called First Give. We have been raising awareness and funds for our chosen charity: Havens Hospices. This charity cares for people of any age to give them a comfortable and happy place to live their last moments, or to support them and their families through a life-limiting illness.

“To support this charity so far, we have done: three bake sales, lemonade stands, sponsored silences, and a few of us took part in the Little Havens 5K Inflatable Fun Run.

“We also intend to hold a charity football tournament, and volunteer to pack people’s shopping bags at a local supermarket, and at our local Havens Hospices charity shop in Grays.

“Up to now, we have managed to raise £170.00. We are really proud to say that as a ‘thank you’ for the work we have been doing, we have been invited in to Little Havens on their open day to see where the money that we have raised will go”.

Well done to Ava and the team.

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