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The Thurrock Property Blog: Does your agent have a marketing plan?

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The Thurrock Property Blog

By Paul Tobias-Gibbins

WHEN you invite an agent into your home to carry out a market appraisal on your property one of the key questions you should be asking them is what is their marketing plan for your home? And how will it benefit you, the homeowner?

At M&P Estates we have currently adopted a marketing plan which starts with:-

1) Once you have instructed us as your agent the first step is to take professional photographs of your home, carry out a floor plan and create the property details with a description and room measurements.

2) The next stage is to agree on the price at which your home is going to come on the market, and by using a Guide Price this will enable us to attract more competing buyers. The more buyers we attract the greater the number of offers which will result in you achieving a Premium Price on your home.

3) Launch day – we look to launch your home mid-week ensuring that it hits all the major property portals at the same time as well as the social media marketing channels. So we include within your fee things such as Featured Property and Premier Listing to enhance the appeal of your property online.

4) Block viewings – we do not use the scattergun approach of booking viewings all over the place and we work in a much more professional manner by doing block viewings, so we will arrange with you, say for example a Saturday morning between 11am – 1pm to carry out between 6 to 8 viewings giving clients their own personal time slot, the time may vary depending on the size of the property.

So by using this marketing approach and staging the viewings, we are able to achieve Premium Prices for you the homeowner. Add to this our Onward Negotiation Service and it make the whole moving process easier and cost effective.

Why not give us a call on 01708 851999 or email and book your Home moving marketing meeting with us.


  1. As an old school traditional capitalist. I feel your Thurrock should be getting a reasonable percentage cut of final sale price of all your properties. for all your online blog advertising.

    Your thurrock should be getting 5% of final sale value

    meaning if you sell a house for £400.000 you should give £20000 to Your Thurrock.
    Fair is fair we live in a capitalist society.


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