Sunday, May 19, 2024

Arthur Bugler students walk like Egyptians

By Sophie Cullen

RECENTLY, Year 5 from Arthur Bugler Primary (ABP) took part in a fascinating Ancient Egyptian workshop because it was their topic for the term and they had an extraordinary day.

Portals to the Past – PTTP – are a successful company who bring historical learning to life for students and even adults! They have loads of items to make their workshops even more incredible for the UK today! They take you back thousands of years to when children were running around with no clothes! Yes, Ancient Egyptian children wore no clothes!

The children from ABP took part in a range of excellent activities which included, live mummification, Hounds and Jackels (a board game) and Battle of the Nile (a game where you throw Javelins at fake creatures, like wooden hares) and loads more!

The best activity was live mummification because it was so gruesome and they hadn’t seen anything like it before! Brains really came out of the nose!

Lilly Anna, a student from ABP who attended the session said, “It was divine! Mark (the teacher) was so incredible and helped us learn so much. It was such a happy day!”

Miss Chipperfield – a teacher at ABP – said, “It was extraordinary! Amazing facts blasted out of Marks mouth! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I loved everything he said. So knowledgeable!”

Who knew school was so much fun?

Arthur Egypt


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