Tuesday, April 23, 2024

C2C named best train operator in country

TRENTALIA-owned c2c was named the best train operator in the country at the annual National Transport Awards, the rail industry’s equivalent of the BAFTAs.

The judges for the Rail Operator of the Year award, presented by journalist Jeremy Vine, praised the improvements to services for customers since Trenitalia took over the c2c franchise in February 2017. In particular they highlighted the £100m deal for new trains signed last year, the introduction of the country’s best customer compensation package when trains are delayed, and the launch of free onboard wifi available to every passenger.

c2c Managing Director Julian Drury said: “We are incredibly proud to have won this award, which is a testament to the efforts of every single person who works at c2c. The past 18 months have seen a lot of improvements made under our new ownership, and we’re conscious that we’ve got a lot of exciting projects and hard work ahead which will continue delivering to our customers the standard of service they expect and deserve.”

Ernesto Sicilia, Managing Director of c2c’s owning group Trenitialia UK, said: “We are delighted that the team at c2c have won this national award, as delivering a quality service for our passengers is a key element of Trenitalia’s approach in the UK. We’re committed to building our presence in this country by bringing more innovation and investment which will continue bringing improvements to UK rail passengers.”


  1. National Transport Awards is by the Department for Transport. So some might say it is the industry patting itself on the back.

    If the award was from commuters this would be a masive step.

    I’ve said it before we need two private operators on the line. So it is operating under free market capitalist conditions. Not a corporate monopoly with no incentive to compete in the business world.

  2. We need to re-nationalise the railways followed by all the utilities to stop all the profiteering.

  3. I take it that post was some spill over from the disability thread.

    I am pro competition for price discovery on the rail network. Not public ownership of railways.

    create private competition so the criminal aspects of profiteering dont happen.

    Definition of profiteering
    make or seek to make an excessive or unfair profit, especially illegally.

    Why anyone would be in favor of that beggers belief.


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