Kinetika unveil silk scrolls at Neasden Temple

THE Kinetika team, travelled to Neasden on Sunday 10 March to attend the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir’s tenth International Women’s Day celebrations. On display were the ten bespoke batik silk scrolls made by Kinetika and designed and painted by a team of 101 women and girls from BAPS, known also as the Neasden Temple.

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The creation of the silk scrolls began in December 2018 and was made possible by funding from Arts Council England. Each four metre long silk scroll highlights one of the most important principles of the faith of the BAPS such as selfless service, knowledge and truth. Women and girls of all ages and backgrounds came together to work on the ideas for the imagery, decide upon the scrolls’ colours and important visual elements and then paint them. Workshops took place in both Neasden and Purfleet.

More than 1000 women and girls attended the International Women’s Day event. Hosting a stall during the day, the Kinetika team was able to meet again many of those who worked on the scrolls and show others more of the work of the Kinetika Design Studio and talk about the Murshidabad heritage silk used for the scrolls which is unique to Kinetika. The scrolls will now tour the UK, visiting other temples before returning to Neasden in April to be displayed at future events.

Rena Amin, Head of Outreach and Community Relations at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasden said ‘We have been grateful for Kinetika’s continuous support and the scrolls truly look sensational. There was so much interest in and excitement about the scrolls: the feedback has been really great and we do hope that we can remain in contact with Kinetika. Many thanks to them from the 101 women involved in curating the scrolls, BAPS Women’s Forum and all the delegates who attended the event and were mesmerised by the beauty of the scrolls.’

Ali Pretty, Kinetika’s Creative Director said ‘It’s been an incredible experience working with the Neasden women. I learnt so much from them about leadership, team work and total commitment. I very much hope we can collaborate together again.’

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