Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Laura’s Blog: Women are to be celebrated

Laura Moxley

A women should be two things. Who and what she wants.

As Women’s History Month draws to a close it’s an important time to recognise how unequal the female sex are still treated. During the month of March, we give a little extra attention to all of the amazing accomplishments of strong, determined and inspirational women. Let us not forget to appreciate and honour the magnificent ladies, that grace our planet.


Because we are an incredible species. We can carry, nourish and grow a human-being within us. We can menstruate for seven days straight without dying and despite the lack of rights, we continue to grow strength. The battle for equality will continue on for many years despite efforts to alter this. Unfortunately for some, women will always be below… Yet many fail to recognise important factors and why they are empowering for both sexes.


Women are natural born leaders. So why are women so painfully underrepresented in senior positions – why are there not more of us leading? Simply putting it; historical precedence. Being conditioned to believe that our primary role is of a supporting one: to marry, to carry, to cook and clean. To support, cherish and obey the male as a boss. Because ‘apparently’ men are more worthy of higher positions and pay. That when women gain a position of power we are instantly doubted and still led to believe that we must prove our worth.

Always remember

You’re not obligated to smile. A females aim in life is not to look pretty all of the time! We have things to do!
Say no and mean it.
Just because he didn’t see it, doesn’t mean you haven’t got it! You’re amazing, you’re worth it!
Work tirelessly for yourself.
Be ambitious and continue believing that gender is irrelevant.

Women are to be celebrated

Those of all religions, skin colour and size. Gay, trans, tall and short. Boss females and working mums. Those who drink beer and wear dresses. Those who are mindful of feelings but speak the whole truth. The independent girls who raise the spirits of others. The females learning to do ‘male titled job roles’, DIY around the house as well as the cooking, cleaning, errand running and so on.

Fighting for…

A daughter who serves, a sister who loves and a mother who bares. A friend who cares, bestower of life. A dreamer and achiever, through sheer determination, drive and commitment we can overcome anything. We’re still fighting for young females to attend school and battling against them having their femininity taken from them through FGM. Females who continue to battle for gender specific roles, equality and respect. The right to take part in certain sports and to dress in a way we feel comfortable without being an example of ‘provocitism.’

Everyone wants a powerful women until they start dating you and realise they have to step their own game up! Never succumb yourself to something that isn’t who you truly want to be. Remember how long it took you to become your strong independent caring self. Find solace within.


To empower each other, help boost one another’s self-esteem and stop seeking validation from men who are not worthy of voicing their opinion!

The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!


  1. “…despite the lack of rights,…”

    “The battle for equality will continue on for many years despite efforts to alter this.”

    Two question:-

    1) What rights are you lacking?

    2) What equality are you battling for?

  2. Lets not forget those wonderful women who use their children as weapons against the fathers.Fathers who have a right to see their children who are then denied such by the women.
    Surely the equality they bang on about should include looking at and dealing with this issue. This issue is and has been common place for far to long. Maybe if a women acts in this way, give the child to the father as an automatic right….now that would be a start.


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