Monday, January 30, 2023

Ward by Ward: Chadwell St Mary

LAST May, Labour were delighted to hold this seat. At the time, they felt they had seen off UKIP and were back on track. It was the popular and hard-working Barbara Rice who had won the day. Four years previously, she had won by just 110. In 20165, UKIP won by 450. Th tide had turned back.

However, this year may be a little bit uncertain. Barbara Rice is standing down and so there are two unfamiliar names on the Labour ballot paper.

There is also the aspect of people being disillusioned with Brexit etc. The perceived wisdom is that the Tory vote will stay away but who knows.

The Thurrock Independents could benefit, perhaps by reminding people of their stance and former incarnation, although they don’t have the machine they had.

Good to see loyal Tories Georgette and Paul Polley making up the numbers.

Stephen Andrews has stood for Ukip before but is now, it would seem totally unaligned.

YH Prediction: Lab Gain and Lab Hold

Chadwell St Mary

Stephen Andrews
Daniel Chukwu (Labour)
Sara Muldowney (Labour)
Georgette Polley (Cons)
Paul Polley (Cons)
Steve Minett (Thurrock Independents)
Stacey Clark (Thurrock Independents)

Result: 2018

Barbara Rice (Lab): 1383
Paul Arnold: (Cons): 402
Paul Stevens: (Thurrock Independents): 264

Maj: 981


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