Thurrock Centre for Independent Living recognised in The Parliamentary Review

Thurrock Centre for Independent Living recognised at the national level in The Parliamentary Review

THE Parliamentary Review is a document that shares best practice between policymakers and business leaders. Each edition of the Review covers a range of topics across specific industries, featuring commentary from leading journalists and politicians, which is tied together by the former world trade editor of the Financial Times, The Rt Hon David Curry.


Established in 1999, Thurrock Centre for Independent Living is a charity that offers support and advice on a variety of issues that affect disabled people. CEO John Paddick discusses in this year’s Parliamentary Review discusses their strategy in how he and his team have successfully turned TCIL around.

Theresa May and Professor Ted Baker, the Chief Inspector of Hospitals, appear alongside a small number of relevant individuals and organisations from the Care sector. Topics discussed in the Care Review include CMA’s care homes market study, care home bed losses, wage pressures and tougher legal liability for corporate providers.

The recently appointed director of The Review, Craig Wilmann has emphasised that this year’s Parliamentary Review makes it clearer than ever that it is “vitally important that there is a good deal of cooperation between business leaders and politicians.”

Writing in The Review, the prime minister says that “British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review.”

Thurrock Centre for Independent Living’s article can be viewed here:

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