Lower Thames Crossing boss set to quit

LOWER Thames Crossing project director Tim Jones is set to leave his post, New Civil Engineer can reveal.

Jones has served as the £6.8bn project’s director for the last two years, taking it through design and public consultation phases.


However, he has decided to hand over the reins as Highways England begins thorough ground investigations on either side of the river Thames.

Highways England is also set to submit a development consent order (DCO) application for the £6bn road project beneath the river Thames later this year and Jones believes now is the time to let somebody else take the project forwards.

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One Response to "Lower Thames Crossing boss set to quit"

  1. thurrocksgonedownhill   July 8, 2019 at 11:47 am

    The Margaret Thatcher Thames Crossing is much needed and should be started sooner rather than later.
    Lets hope a competent new boss can deliver ahead of schedule

    Oh and DCO for those who don’t know is – Development Consent Order. In real terms this means no one really has a say in the planning or development, not me, not you, not the council. It will be rubber stamped by Government regardless of what we all think, say or do.

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