Mega Lungs is coming to Thurrock

TWO flagship events are being organised in Thurrock for residents interested in their lung health. Residents are invited to step inside the 12ft tall 15ft wide Mega Lungs, supplied by Roy Castle Foundation, who will be on hand to talk to people about lung conditions.

The lungs (pictured), will take people through a journey of these vital organs and show you ways to keep your lungs healthy, including exercise and stopping smoking! NELFT Respiratory Team and Thurrock Healthy Lifestyles are all supporting these events.

Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been twinned with Luton CCG as part of 10 Cancer Alliance areas across the UK to roll out a Targeted Lung Health Check programme.

Thurrock has one of the highest rates of death from lung cancer in the UK and some of the highest rates of smoking with over 10% of the local population labelled as smokers.. The programme is one of the first to be rolled out as part the NHS Long Term Plan.

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Paula Chadwick, chief executive of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation:

“When it comes to lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses, people don’t really like to talk about it. Our MegaLungs are designed to help start those conversations – after all, at 12ft high, you can hardly miss them!

“It is so important that we talk more openly about lung cancer. Shockingly, 20% of people in the UK still cannot name one symptoms of lung cancer. This lack of awareness is one of the reasons why so many people with lung cancer are diagnosed at an incurable stage.

“But it doesn’t need to be this way; if lung cancer is caught early, curative treatment is possible and people can go on to live life to the fullest. The difficulty has been finding it at those early stages – until now!

“Thurrock is really lucky to be one of the 10 areas to be selected for NHS England’s lung health check pilots. We expect about 3,400 people across the country could have their lung cancer diagnosed earlier through this initiative. In Thurrock alone, the programme will allow hundreds of people to receive potentially life-saving treatment for conditions much earlier than they would have before. We’re here to help the people of Thurrock understand the huge benefits of this initiative, so they seize this golden opportunity with both hands.”

Existing and former smokers aged between 55 and 74+364 days across Thurrock will be invited to have a free lung health check with a lung specialist at a convenient location close to where they live. If required, they can have a low dose CT scan on the spot.

Only those meeting the criteria will be invited to take part in the programme. Stop Smoking services are always available and ready to support you in leading a healthier lifestyle and giving up smoking.

It is expected that the roll out of the new offer will be in the early part of 2020, the programme will last for four years.

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