Top Labour councillor questions Thurrock Council’s ability to deliver Local Plan


COUNCILLOR Martin Kerin, who is the Vice Chair of the Task Force and the Shadow Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, has questioned the Council’s ability to execute a successful Local Plan. He is concerned the problems that are besetting the A13 widening scheme, and what it says about the overall direction of the Local Plan

At tonight’s meeting, he publicly questioned the Council’s ability to deliver an ambitious Local Plan.

Cllr Kerin said: “As a councillor and resident of Thurrock, I am increasingly questioning whether or not this Council has the ability to deliver an ambitious Local Plan for the benefit of our residents.

It is concerning to learn of the problems with the A13 widening scheme. If we can’t successfully execute a major road project, what chance do we have to radically transform our borough for the betterment of its residents?

I have asked for an urgent update to be presented to the Local Plan Task Force. In this update, I want to see a review of the current Local Plan team structure and capabilities. Additionally, I would like to see a comparison with other Local Authorities’ Local Plan Teams.

“I and the residents of Thurrock need concrete assurances that this Council can deliver the Local Plan”

One Response to "Top Labour councillor questions Thurrock Council’s ability to deliver Local Plan"

  1. Newshound   January 21, 2020 at 3:52 pm

    Which Local Plan would this be?
    We had an embryo local plan about 8 years ago, when the Thames Estuary Development Corporation was abolished. (They wanted to build loads more retail space Woops).

    The embryo featured a weighting and rating traffic light system to identify suitable housing sites; perhaps that was killed by the global economic meltdown?

    About 3 years ago another local plan started to emerge – that was shot down by central government changing the rules.

    It reemerged a year ago little changed BUT OMG a considerable chunk of proposed development was cut off from the rest of the borough by a new Motorway proposal. This required East Tilbury residents to go to the Corringham Manorway junction to access the new tunnels.

    Oh back to the drawing board and probably a few more raised delivery targets from the required 32,000 new households.

    If the councillor has the fourth version, can he send us all a copy?

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