Tuesday, May 30, 2023

“Your Business after Furlough. What next?” – a new FREE eBook to support businesses NOW!

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“Your Business after Furlough. What next?” – a new FREE eBook to support businesses NOW!

Many businesses and organisations have furloughed staff. It may be a few staff, the majority or even the entire workforce. The next questions will be:

• What happens when furlough comes to an end (at the end of June or if it’s extended even further)?

• What will your business look like at that time?

• How long will it take to recover?

Paula Fisher MD, YourHR.space and Practical HR has written a short, FREE E-Book entitled “Your Business after Furlough. What next?” that you can download and may help you manage the changing landscape and needs of your business. Paula says,

“At the moment, none of us know the answers to these questions. However, that does not mean you cannot start to plan and look at different options that may be available …and necessary. This will put you in a better position once you know more and can start to fully assess the situation”.

To download the FREE eBook, visit: https://yourhr.space/?page=your-business-after-furlough

Paula is dedicated to making HR easier for clients and continues to innovate with products like YourHR.space to achieve this. She has also written a book “HR for SMEs – A Practical Guide” which is an amazon ‘best seller’ and has just released a second edition which is now available on Amazon for Kindle and as a Paperback: https://www.amazon.co.uk/HR-SMEs-building-Resources-foundation-ebook/dp/B084ZMYZ8Y/


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