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Mr Perrin’s Blog: Farewell to my beautiful, beautiful dog

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Mr Perrin’s blog.

A farewell to my beautiful, beautiful dog.

ON Monday 18th May, 2020 just after 1100hrs Penny my 16 year old English springer spaniel died. I was not her original owner and she did not come to live with me until she was 30 months old. From the moment she became my dog my life was enriched with unconditional love and loyalty.

Penny was the latest in a long line of dogs I have shared my life with going back to 1947 when I was fourteen years old , working at Highclere Castle (the location for the TV series Downton Abbey) I was given a Labrador puppy considered to be unsuitable for training as a gun-dog, I called her “Lassie”.

When I first got Penny she had to share me with a retired greyhound (Vic) and an aged cross bred labrador-collie (Bonnie).

English springer spaniels tend to be one person dogs, so when Vic and Bonnie died 5 years later, she came into her own.

Until she died she was my motivation to get out of bed every day. She was loving, loyal, mischievous, happy and made every day worthwhile. She died peacefully at home with me and I am grateful for that. I am grief-stricken and will miss her terribly. However so much I loved her, I wish I had loved her more.

Goodbye my love, my friend. My loss is Heaven’s gain.

We will all meet again.



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