Sunday, June 16, 2024

Thurrock Council’s calamitous “Curb your enthusiasm” moment over A13 costs

A “CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM” moment is when a person’s bewilderment regarding the situation unfolding around them is captured on film. The moment is often re-edited and the music for the US TV series is played over it.

An example over in the USA is when the cameras captured the reaction of medical expert, Dr Deborah Birx when President Donald Trump suggested that injecting bleach may care Coronavirus.

And so it was in the wacky world of Thurrock politics in a committee meeting last night which was discussing the implications of the A13 expansion going way over budget.

Chair of the Planning, Transport, Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee, cllr Martin Kerin had asked if there could be “cast iron guarantees” about any burden not being imposed on the Thurrock taxpayer. He also asked if there could be a guarantee about the whole project being delivered on time?

From her remote position on zoom, senior director, Anna Eastgate told those at the meeting, with physically and virtually that she could not give nay such cast iron guarantees. To do so would be “disingenuous”

However, a communication breakdown meant that another senior officer had said the authority has now got ‘a totally cast iron grip on the A13 widening project’ and he is ‘confident we can bring it in’.

When Mr Millard delivered his message, Anna Eastgate shook her head, laughed and rolled her eyes! Not quite from the council officer textbook of “always keep a poker face”

Film courtesy of Thurrock Nub News.


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