Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thurrock Labour continue to seek answers over A13

THURROCK Labour is demanding answers as a recently published council report shows the target date for the completion of the bungled A13 widening has been pushed even further into the horizon.

Labour’s Shadow Portfolio Holder, Cllr Martin Kerin said:

“We are already 466 days beyond the original completion date of 28th October 2019 – and only days away from the revised opening date.

“Next week’s meeting should have been discussing the opening ceremony but instead we are, once again, talking about more and more delays. This time, we being told the road won’t be finished until March next year, at the earliest. 

“As well as being two and a half years behind schedule, Thurrock Conservative’s bungling of this project means it is more than £30 million over budget – money that, one way or another, Thurrock residents will have to stump up.

“This is simply not acceptable. We need detailed answers as to how this has happened, and a detailed plan to ensure that this can never happen again.”


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