Wednesday, November 29, 2023

One in three experience alcohol related anxiety called “Hangxiety”

AS thousands of Brits pledge to stop drinking alcohol for the month of October through the Sober October initiative, new research from non-alcoholic spirits brand Caleño reveals that more than one in three Brits who drink (36 per cent) have experienced hangover anxiety the next day after drinking, called ‘hangxiety’.

And its young people who are most affected by hangxiety as the research reveals almost two thirds (65 per cent) of 18 – 39 year olds have experienced it, and 43 per cent stating that their hangxiety has been worse since the easing of COVID related restrictions in recent months. A further third (31 per cent) of this age group say their hangovers have increased in frequency since the restrictions have lifted compared with a national average of 16 per cent. 

With World Mental Health Day approaching on Sunday 10th October, the research reveals a quarter of all Brits who drink (25 per cent) say hangovers have a negative effect on their overall mental health and this figure rises to 40 per cent among 18 – 39 year olds. Over a fifth of people (22 per cent) say their mental health has suffered since the easing of COVID restrictions with this figure rising to 43 per cent of the 18 – 39 year olds.  

Dr Alex George, A&E and TV doctor and the UK’s first government advisor for mental health, said:  “With things opening again we’ve gone into a bit of a socialising overdrive, which can also mean increased drinking which is what is leading to this rise in ‘hangxiety’. What people tend to forget is that alcohol is a depressant and changes levels of serotonin and other chemicals within the brain, which means it can increase anxiety. That’s why people are noticing such a negative impact on their mental health.”

With Sober October around the corner, the research reveals that almost a quarter (23 per cent) of Brits that drink are re-thinking their drinking habits due to their hangovers and more than one in three drinkers (36 per cent) agree they have a better time socialising when they’re not worried about getting a hangover. Last year the Sober October initiative saw more than 60,000 people sign up and raise money for charity. 

Leading non-alcoholic spirits brand Caleño is on a mission to get the nation thinking differently about going sober this October by encouraging people to change the language around not drinking and embrace the fun and joy of an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

Caleño Founder and Balanced Drinking Advocate, Ellie Webb, said: “It’s clear the impact of the pandemic has had a huge impact on our drinking but its positive to see so many people want to re-think their drinking habits as a result, and one of the ways they can reset is by participating in this year’s Sober October. I urge anyone getting involved to embrace the fun and joy of an alcohol-free lifestyle. Culturally we’re so much in the habit of associating drinking alcohol with having fun, that when it comes to going alcohol-free, our language goes the other way. We talk about “giving up” and “staying sober”, which all sounds quite negative and boring. Instead, we should really see avoiding alcohol for this month as a joyful treat for the mind and body.”


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