Sunday, July 14, 2024

Ward by Ward: East Tilbury: Every day is Independents Day

IT has been great to see that Fraser Massey has embodied the spirit of the East Tilbury independents that was lit by Barry Palmer and John Purkiss.

Four years ago, Fraser won by just under 800 votes in what was a busy field. This time it is a three horse race and there will probably be little appetite for the Tories and a Labour candidate will only really succeed if they are a local man who has a good run at it.

Thing is with East Tilbury is that even though it is isolated, you always feel that most matters affect it.

What they have always wanted is someone one who bat for them up at the civic offices.

They get that with Fraser Massey. A man of conviction and principle who is also just a very nice man indeed.

YT Prediction: Ind Hold


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