Sunday, June 4, 2023

Ward by Ward: Will Tilbury see eye to eye with Cici?

THIS has always been quite a turbulent ward. In many ways, the ward has elected a person who attracts both sides of the ward.

There are many who didn’t give John Allen a chance in 2022, but he did it.The same could be said of Allen Mayes in 2019. Mr Mayes then went and jumped to the Tories.

The Conservatives have always struggled to get a foothold here and that may be the same again.

That may mean that the Independent candidate has a chance. Craig Austin may fit that bill.There have been successful candidates like him before.

Labour have been successful but will need a candidate who will really work hard to get established and then work hard to retain seat.

We hear Cici Manwa is such a candidate. It is all a matter of getting the vote out in this ward.

YT Prediction: Labour Gain





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