Thursday, June 13, 2024

Crackdown of poor driving as part of road safety day in Thurrock

THURROCK Council’s road sfatey team recently teamed up with Essex Police to take part in a Vision Zero Day (previously known as Surround a Town Day).   

This day of action was a collaboration as part of the Safer Essex Roads Partnership. 

The morning focused on South Ockendon, including outside Benyon Primary School, and in the afternoon the teams moved on to Grays.

On the day, vehicles were pulled over for various offences including:   

  • 23 with no seatbelts (drivers and passengers) including three children
  • 13 mobile phone offences
  • three speeding including one driver at 44 miles per hour (mph) in a 30mph zone
  • two with no valid MOT  

A statement from the council says: “Our School Crossing Patrol also enjoyed having the support from a police officer outside the school. 

“The Road Safety Team and our partners continue to speak to drivers about road safety issues. Thank you to everyone involved for their support.”


  1. Should be more, many more, of these days! Driving standards are shocking, unbelievable!

  2. If you think that’s a good days work try coming to Stanford Road Blackshots. A 40 mph limit means nothing all day cars and motorbikes come through this residential area at speeds far in eccess of that. There is no thought for people or school children that may need to cross to local schools or recreational areas. There are hatch lines in the middle of the Road which people obviously do not know what they mean I.e overtake three point turns etc. Try setting up a mobile camera van on this stretch of road from 7.30am to 7.30 pm you would make a fortune.

  3. All the bad driving starts with the way Driving Instructors Teach would be Drivers, for a start reversing into a side street ,is not taught, where to stop at the Roadside is also not on the menu, parking on the Pavement IS Taught !! I recently saw a Driving Instructor manage a 4 point turn outside my Home where a 3 point turn is easy if done properly,the use of the hand brake is also not taught especially on inclines, etc etc ,Start with the Instructors ,they all need to be tested by a proper Driver ,Bob Wright, Ockendon.

  4. What a waste of time, school crossing patrol they have all gone council can’t afford them, the Police should be outside Warren school not the parking wardens that can only ticket after 10 mins people park or stop on the yellow zig zag ,in other people’s driveway or nose in between two cars and that’s without the speed of cars outside a school, I am sure this goes on elsewhere outside schools so rather than pull people up on their way to work or a hospital visit try sitting a police patrol outside a school once a week and see the change after a few police visits and put the lollypop crossings back they protect our most valuable things our children.

  5. Waist of time and money should be more worried about stopping theifs and murderous concentrate on real crimes


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