Saturday, June 22, 2024

Thurrock Council Election Results

THE results of Thurrock Council’s elections have been announced.

Elections took place in 16 of the borough’s 20 wards yesterday (Thursday, 4 May).

Following the count these are the results:

  • 26 Conservative (held 3, gained 1, lost 4)
  • 19 Labour (held 4, gained 5, lost 0)
  • 3 Independent (held 1, gained 1, lost 1)
  • 1 Thurrock Independents (held 1, lost 2)

The full list of results is available at


  1. Who were the half baked morons that voted Conservative yesterday?
    During the past four years they have lost us Tens of Millions of pounds in Solar Panel scams and now we have to pay a. 10% increase in our Rates to cover their stupidity ‘!!!!!!!!

  2. Someone on the conservative side ended up with big brown envelopes for there investments in solar energy

  3. Solar energy is only the one that surfaced. But there’s plenty more… The amount of taxes are paid for services that are never provided… All recent refurb charges to those that will pay for it will go straight into their posket as they apparently they don’t need to give the loan. We need more independent councillors that can represent us without their party agenda behind it…


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