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Dreadful night for the Tories in Thurrock but they hang on to power (just)

THE Conservatives hold a two seat majority on Thurrock Council following the declaration of the 16 seats contested in the local elections, held yesterday (Thursday, 4 May).

They ended a very difficult evening with 26 seats, hanging on to the majority and just avoiding a final shock on a tough evening when the last vote of the count was declared, deputy leader Deborah Arnold holding on to Corringham and Fobbing by ten votes from independent candidate John Fox.

Had he won, and fellow non-aligned candidate Craig Austin grabbed three dozen more votes in an earlier result, there would have been an independent cohort of six councillors. Still not enough to deprive the Tories of overall control but they would have been on an uncomfortable knife edge.

For a full report and reaction go to Thurrock Nub News.


Aveley and Uplands

Jacqui Maney (Conservative) 928

Cathy Sisterson (Labour) 834

Majority 94


Abbie Akinbohun (Conservative) 433

Chris Baker* (Thurrock Independents) 299

Mark Hurrell (Labour) 765

Michael Keal (UKIP) 79

Majority 332

Chadwell St Mary

Daniel Chukwu* (Labour) 1256

Sophie Corcoran (Conservative) 462

Majority 794

Turnout 23.79

Chafford & North Stifford

Mark Coxshall* (Conservative) 639

Vikki Hartstean (Labour) 741

Sue Truman (Reform UK) 129

Majority 102

Turnout 27.13%

Corringham & Fobbing

Ngozi Alike (Labour) 324

Deborah Arnold* (Conservative) 555

John Fox (Thurrock Independents) 545

Majority 10

Turnout 32.50%

East Tilbury

Alastair Craft (Labour) 245

Fraser Massey* (Independent) 980

Daryle Palmer (Conservative) 83

Majority 735

Turnout 25.22%

Grays Riverside

Emily Folorunsho (Conservative) 386

Valarie Morris-Cook (Labour) 1191

Majority 805

Turnout 19.38

Grays Thurrock

Elizabeth Alo (Conservative) 343

Rev Roy Grayson (Reform UK) 183

Catherine Kent* (Labour) 1151

Majority 808

Turnout 25.45%

Little Thurrock Rectory

Russell Cherry (Thurrock Independents) 332

Tom Kelly* (Conservative) 580

Enayet Hussain (Labour) 550

Majority 30

Turnout 32.32%


Ross Byrne (Thurrock Independents) 248

Andrew Jefferies* (Conservative) 1,014

Gary Watson (Labour) 839

Majority 175

Turnout 25.32%

Stanford East & Corringham Town

John Cecil (Labour) 667

Roy Jones (Independent) 559

Shane Ralph* (Conservative) 568

Majority 99

Turnout 28.59%

Stanford-le-Hope West

Shane Hebb* (Conservative) 511

Phillip Smith (Labour) 532

Neil Speight (Independent) 643

Majority 111

Turnout 30.54%

Stifford Clays

Jack Beauchamp-Stansfield (Green Party) 64

Gavin Holland (Conservative) 476

Mark Hooper (Labour) 610

Jennifer Smith* (Thurrock Independents) 340

Majority 134

Turnout 29.92%

The Homesteads

Tony Benson (Labour) 544

Gary Byrne* (Independent Group) 942

Shamim Miah (Conservative) 603

Bill Poskitt (Reform UK) 124

Majority 339

Turnout 34.96%

Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park

Craig Austin (Independent) 451

Cici Manwa (Labour) 486

Allen Mayes* (Conservative) 144

Majority 35

Turnout 22.44%

West Thurrock & South Stifford

Aaron Green (Labour) 1098

Tunde Ojetola (Conservative) 765

Majority 333

Turnout 21.24%

*Incumbent councillor.


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