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Gable Hall school remains “inadequate” after another visit

GABLE Hall School in Corringham, remains “inadequate” after another visit by Ofsted.

It was first rated “inadequate” after an Ofsted inspection back in May 2022.

A recent monitoring inspection in May, found the school remains “inadequate” and has “serious weaknesses”.

Inspectors found learning was still disrupted by “unacceptable behaviour”.

The report, published on Thursday, stated: “Ortu Gable Hall School remains inadequate and has serious weaknesses.

The full report is below.


  1. I blame the lack of discipline allowed to be given to pupils by the teachers in all schools. The cane never hurt anyone, especially if given on stage in front of the whole school, hence humiliating the pupil.
    When gable hall first opened there were only two years (1&2) and I was lucky enough to be in one of those years, year 1. The school was classed as the best school in the area for many years. We were to frightened to cheek teachers for fear of detention I.e, writing 100s of repetitive lines or worse still the cane. I did well at school because I didn’t want detention, I certainly didn’t want my parents knowing I had misbehaved. We gave teachers the respect they deserved hence they followed suit with us. Give teachers back their authority don’t let do gooders get in the way.


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