Sunday, June 16, 2024

Downs Syndrome Society issue statement over closure of rail ticket offices

THE Government announcement this week of the intention to close the majority of rail ticket offices in English train stations is extremely concerning.

Individuals who have Down’s syndrome of all ages strive to live as independently as possible.  Many adults who have Down’s syndrome now work and rely on public transport to get to and from their jobs.

Booking offices where people can buy their ticket in person and interact with a real person, provides an essential service to many rail users who are at risk of being excluded from other forms of buying a ticket (operating a machine or using an App are not accessible for many people who have a learning disability).

Carol Boys, our CEO said “There is the potential this will massively affect people who have Down’s syndrome and their independence to travel. It will mean that more people will be reliant on family or support workers to access their tickets. A huge backward step!”

The DSA encourages anyone affected to support the Transport for All campaign – click here for more information.


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