Thursday, December 7, 2023

Year in Review: November

IT HAS been quite a year for people power. Hundreds took to the streets in Aveley to protest against proposals to build on the Green Belt.

But with the regeneration of Purfleet getting the green light, the South East and North Grays masterplans taking steps forward, it appeared that the work of the Development Corporation was bearing fruit.

We interviewed the Chief Executive Will McKee in what was a fascinating insight into how Thurrock could one day be a city.

We interviewed Council Leader Garry Hague and Deputy Amanda Arnold. We had interviewed them seperately on several occasions but as a team they impressed. With the support of other senior cabinet members: Sue MacPherson, Tunde Ojetola, Barry Johnson and Mike Revell they make for an major team that Labour will find hard to dislodge.

It was a privilege to meet Daley Thompson as he presented the awards at William Edwards’ Prizegiving. Were also impressed by the olympian ambitions of Damian Walters who aims to climb Mt Everest for Little Havens in March.

Chadwell St Mary came out of special measures.

There are some things that Thurrock does with great style: Remembrance Sunday and Dwalli being just two examples.

As feared, trouble at Entourage reached a crescendo with a full scale riot in November which left officers hospitalised.


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