Friday, December 8, 2023


MANY people planned to return to their work today but have found themselves stranded all over the world due to the consequences of the Icelandic volcano.

The schools return today but many students and staff have found themselves among the 150,000 people stuck abroad.

YourThurrock understands that students from Grays Convent are stuck in Barcelona and Gable Hall students are out in Hong Kong.

Thameside Theatre manager Mark Allinson has two sons who are desperately making their way back.

Mark said: “I have one son in Delhi India and one son in Alicante Spain. They were both due back last Friday – Jack is hoping to get to Rome via Kuwait. Sam is planning to take a train.

“Its weird- nobody has asked me for money or lifts for nearly a fortnight but now I will be paying for two massive extra journeys.”

Thurrock Courts Players actor Wayne Prince is out in Florida with his family and was highly complimentary of the service provided.

Wayne said: ” We consider ourselves very fortunate as Thomas Cook are so organised and kind regarding the services they are providing.

“They have put us up in a 4 star hotel with all food also included. Thay are also organising day trips for us.

“We are being informed on a twice daily basis regarding when we may expect to fly. We have airline crews on standby here but we need a plane to leave the UK first. T.Cook operate on a first come first serve basis and the guys due home last Thursday got the first flight on Friday.

“There are two plane loads of us here waiting. We do consider ourselves lucky after seeing coverage on the US news seeing people stranded in airports.


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