Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ward By Ward: West Thurrock

Andy Smith (Lab)

Gareth John Davies (Cons)

Warren Parish (BNP)

There was only 82 votes between the Labour winner (Oliver Gerrish) and the second placed Tory, Gareth Davies in 2008. Even in two years, the area has changed and Gareth Davies believes that voters from the new builds are a rich quarry for the Tories both nationally and locally. He may be right. The Tories in Thurrock are poorer for not having Gareth in the chamber. A hard working loyal Tory, he was an outstanding Portfolio Holder for Culture and Diversity and would have been an essential player with the challenges to the voluntary sector.

Gareth is also admirable for his decision not to choose an easier ward. Gareth is resolute: He lives in the ward, he represents the community organisations in the ward, he has a passion for the ward.

Labour’s incumbent councillor and former leader Andy Smith has had something of a rebirth over the past two years. He looked like he was drifting away from politics but his work with a host of causes not least of which was the threatened closure of the play group at St Stephen’s church has garnered praise. Whether that can be converted into votes will be seen. Again, the combination of a high turn-out for the two elections should see Andy home. Just don’t hold your hopes you will be on the Planning Committee.

Prediction: Lab Hold


  1. Good on ya Gareth hope you do well… A role model for local councillors – live local, know local people, in touch with local issues… there’s no point being a councillor, in any part of the country, if you’re not connected to the locals… i think its rather embarrassing for ward councillors to go out weeks before an election to ask total strangers for your vote… if your hard working and part of the community there would be no need to campaign – people would know you and vote for you :o)


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