Monday, March 27, 2023

Free challenging pain course in Corringham

NHS South West Essex is holding a free course in Corringham to help people in pain.

Challenging Pain is designed to give people the skills to deal with chronic pain on a day to day basis.

The course will start on Friday 14th January at Corringham Fire Station. It is open to any adult who suffers from chronic pain, such as migraine or the symptoms of arthritis, a respiratory condition, heart condition, stroke, or a gastric condition.

Pauline Brown, Expert Patient Programme Co-ordinator at NHS South West Essex, says: “If you are in chronic pain it can affect all aspects of your life, having an emotional as well as physical impact.

“Because the tutors on this course also have conditions that cause pain, they are in the same boat and can talk from experience.

“We can give people the techniques, and therefore the confidence, to challenge pain, stopping it taking over your life and everything you do.”

Each course consists of a two-and-a-half hour session per week, over two consecutive weeks.

The workshops are delivered by tutors who have undertaken specialist training. They will cover what pain is, the reasons for challenging pain, medication and other therapies, dealing with negative thoughts and how to prepare for appointments with healthcare professionals. They will give advice on how to set personal goals, make changes, manage stress, and get through pain.

The course will give practical tips, such as relaxation techniques and exercises. Time will be dedicated to conscious breathing. This is deep, diaphragmatic breathing that can help stop people from tensing their muscles or holding their breath when they are in pain. Conscious breathing can distract them from pain and reduce the pain they feel.

For more information about Challenging Pain and to book a place, contact Pauline Brown at NHS South West Essex on 01268 705204.


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