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Outrage as Ockendon drink driver caught twice in a month escapes jail

A MAN CAUGHT drink driving twice in a month escaped jail yesterday (Thursday) at Basildon Magistrates Court.

Richard Ince, 59, Rosies Way, South Ockendon was stopped twice on separate occasions by Essex Police in November in relation to drink driving.

The second occasion was on the 27th November. The court heard that he refused to give a roadside breath test, claiming he had asthma. The court also heard that he called the police “liars” and “didn’t they have better things to do.”

He was arrested and taken to a police station, where he refused to give a sample of blood for a blood test.

A day later, he appeared at Basildon magistrates on a charge relating to an offence earlier in the month. He was banned for 16 months and fined £555.

Chair of magistrates, Mr Crammer was advised by the clerk of the court that this offence, fell into the highest category.

Despite this, Ince escaped jail with another ban. This time for three years.

Ince was also told that he would have to undertake eighty hours of unpaid work.

Ince looked at the magistrates, shook his head in disbelief and said: “Eighty hours?”


  1. Time for these antiquated magistrates to step down as they are failing society, how can someone who has a toatal disregard to the laws be allowed to live within society, he was drink driving twice and from the article the second time was whislt on a 16 month ban.

    The police must be fuming at this magistrates lack of interest in the laws of the land, what the hell is the point of the police wasting their time arresting people like this only for them to be turned back out onto the streets with a small slap on the wrists.

  2. Agree with Lambo, Mr Ince knows the law on drink driving, everybody who drives does, and so he knowingly and wilfully broke said laws. Then he has the temerity to think he has been harshly treated when he gets 80 hours community service. That should be (at least) 80 days in prison. What it does show though is that reducing the drink drive limit to zero will be a waste of time because you will still have moron’s like Ince driving around who think they can do what the hell they like.


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