Sunday, October 2, 2022

Charity anger at police decision to remove funding

OFFICIALS at a charity for youngsters has been severely critical of Essex Police, claiming the force failed to give adequate warning of its decision to remove funding.

Tony Gearing – head of Young People of the Year (YOPEY) – called for an apology from senior officers, who he claimed had ‘dragged out the process’, wasted the charity’s time, and let down the young people of Essex’.

He told the Yellow Advertiser: “I want them to publicly apologise and I think they should consider their positions as well-paid, top public officials.

“I do not think such posts should be occupied by people who do not have the courage to admit they are going to let you down.

“YOPEY is about promoting positive role models among young people so we can build a better society for tomorrow.”

Essex Police and the Essex Police Authority did not respond directly to those specific claims, but did release a statement.

The Essex Police Authority said it had committed £25,000 from the Police Property Act Fund to the Essex Community Foundation (ECF).

The statement read: “Essex Police Authority has written to Mr Gearing and offered to place the YOPEY on the list of recommended local charities to be considered for funding by the ECF. As of April 2, 2012, the YOPEY has not responded to this offer.”


  1. Whilst I can sympathise with YOPEY and their loss of funding lets not forget that the Police Service is going through severe cost cutting and personaly I believe that they would be better placed using the money to fight crime in the are rather than giving to charities.

    Also from the response from the Essex Police Authority it would seem that YOPEY has not even responded to an offer that has been placed before them.


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