Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ward by ward: Grays Thurrock

WE HAVE already published our interview with Labour candidate, Yash Gupta and Yash has certainly been a busy man.

Not only over the last four years but also on the campaign trail. We bumped into him twice on Thursday. Once, when he was campaigning near Grays high street and for a photo call with MP Gloria del Piero in Ockendon.

Yash is one of those candidates that Labour can rely on to run his own campaign and get round the houses in a remarkably swift pace for a man in his seventies.

He has been wise to focus on parking in the ward.

There is a rock sold Labour vote here with each candidate over the last four years polling over 1,000 votes.

You would have hoped for more of a debate on the issues and challenges in Grays. Some people judge Thurrock by Grays alone. The shopping area has ‘challenges”, the schools have challenges, like no others in Grays. The plight of the NEET is plain to see in Grays Thurrock.

At the same time, there are affluent pockets that also need to be counted as valuable constituents.

Again, the Tories gained 584 votes last year with a paper candidate. This year, Rita Ajidagba is standing. She will hope she gains more than the 383 she did in Belhus last year. She has been active and has targeted a number of areas. We expect to see a lot more of Rita in future years.

YT prediction: Lab hold: 900 maj

Jagdev Singh Bal
UK Independence Party

Rita Ajidagba

Tom Davis
National Front

William Andrew Jackson
Liberal Democrats

Yash Pall Gupta



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