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Delightful Ayckbourn Comedy at the Thameside

How The Other half Loves
Thameside Theatre
24th to 26th May
Tickets £10 conc £8

After winning no fewer than eight awards in festivals last year and a highly successful run at the Thameside Theatre in February,

The story is about three couples. Frank and Fiona are the oldest and Fiona is having an affair with Bob who works for Frank. Bob is married to Teresa who, like Frank, often wonders why her other half is so often out late. Fiona and Bob tell their partners that they are spending time helping and comforting a third couple, William and Mary, whose marriage is breaking up. William is another of Frank’s employees so Frank decides to invite them round to dinner to see if he can sort out their marriage. William and Mary are actually very happily married and have no idea what is going on. The meal only confuses the issue.

The cast includes John Scowen ,Lisa Chapman, Mike Jones ,Karen Reeves, Wayne Prince and Victoria Grayling

The scene is set for a whole series of misunderstandings and another classic comedy from Britain’s most successful playwright, Sir Alan Ayckbourn. If you want to know how it ends and to witness one of the most famous dinner scenes in British theatre, go and see How The Other Half Loves at the Thameside Theatre from the 24th to the 26th May. Tickets priced £10 and £8 Concessions


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