Thursday, July 25, 2024

Harris Academy open up learning resource centre

HARRIS ACADEMY (Chafford Hundred) have officially opened their learning resource centre.

The centre is now a learning hub for all the students in the academy.

On any given day, the centre is abuzz with smartly dressed sixth formers working hard.

The centre was formally opened by two of the teachers, Ms Wanza and Mr Kerin who recited a number of poems.


  1. Errr…another blog about The Harris Academy stating their pupils are ‘working hard’! Yeah, yeah. yadder, yadder! Aren’t school days meant to be the happiest days of your life…but are they at sunny Chafford Hundred?! What’s that saying about all work and no play….?

    What fun and frivolity is there? I hear sport has certainly declined at the Campus, which is a pity, especially in this Olympic year!

    However, early entry exams are the norm and ‘qualifications’ a plenty…but are the students ‘educated’? There is a huge difference you know! Are pupil’s well-rounded young men and young women, with so much emphasis on academia? How many are confident individuals or will become responsible citizens?


  2. What a very cynical post sounds to me like someone has an axe to grind and some kind of grievance against the Harris Academy.

  3. Education in this country needs to change, all too long we have followed the same routines as we did in the 1800’s when public education was first tabled, below is an intetresting concept and one that should certainly be discussed amongst the policy makers:

    Changing Education Paradigms:

  4. Perish the thought ‘Perman’. I have no personal gripe with The Harris Academy, however, I do believe they sadly encapsulate in many ways what’s wrong in education today!

    Surely the objective of schools is to prepare children for life…but are they doing this at the Chafford Hundred Campus?

    ‘Exam factories’ with the focus solely on ‘qualifications’ and their position in GCSE league tables, do not guarantee pupil happiness and success!

    Isn’t the great educational lie, ‘do well at school and get a good job’?!

    What our children need are lessons in social skills, resilience, healthy eating and exercise. Maybe then, just maybe, they will become responsible citizens and not ‘qualified’, obese gits, deficient of both employability skills and the knowledge to deal with life’s pressures, who cannot make a positive contribution to society like the million N.E.E.Ts today!

  5. Surely it’s the job of parents to educate their children in social skills,excercise and healthy eating? Why should that be the Schools job?I certainly did that for my children,teaching them respect for others,no tvs in their rooms,we all had our meals together round the table.

    I agree in part with you regarding the exam process however they are only carrying out previous governments policies on education,unfortunately it’s all about the league tables in this day and age.

  6. I totally agree ‘Perman’ that parents have a huge responsibilty, but alas today very few are interested in their offspring, like you obviously were!

    Dysfunctional families are rife in certain areas of Thurrock and changing their morals and ethics I’m afraid, is nye on impossible!


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