Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Two Grays women issued with ASBO’s

ANTI-social behaviour orders have been granted against two Grays women after more than a year of serious and ongoing harassment and disturbance to neighbours in Springfield Road.

Kelly Curson, 34 and 37-year-old Tara McGregor were issued with the ASBOs for three years by Basildon Magistrates on Friday (10 January).

The court heard that residents first complained about Curson’s behaviour in October 2011 when she had been playing loud music at different times through the day and night.

The problems escalated in 2012 with incidents including verbal abuse as well as shouting, swearing and fighting in the street. Many instances of anti-social behaviour included both Curson and McGregor.

Magistrates heard that the case was one of “serious and on going incidents of anti-social behaviour”.

Neighbours reported that the school work of their children was suffering due to the disturbances and one child even stayed at a relatives’ home away from the property to escape the noise and ASB.

The ASBOs’ conditions include restrictions on contacting specific neighbours and associating with each other in the area in and around Springfield Road, Little Thurrock.

Cllr Angie Gaywood, Thurrock Council’s portfolio holder for Public Protection, said: “These ongoing incidents of anti-social behaviour were truly horrific for neighbours and residents of Springfield Road.

“Officers from the council’s Community Protection team have worked hard with assistance from housing officers and Essex Police to get these orders issued.

“Their efforts show that not only will we not accept this type of behaviour, but that residents who make life unbearable for their neighbours will face prosecution.”

Incidents of anti-social behaviour can be reported to Thurrock Council at and click on Report It, by calling 01375 652211 or to Essex Police on 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency.


  1. ASBO, dont make me laugh, they are old enough to know better, I doubt an ASBO will change their attitude much, sterner punishments need to be metered out for habitual offenders, the ASBO should have been given in 2011, then by 2012 they would have (hopefully been locked up) when no doubt the time wasted on them by police and council officials could have been put to better use and neighbours able to live in quiet, I assume the punishments were passed on at SOFTY SOFTY Basildon Magistrates.

  2. Shockingly soft sentencing from the courts, they should have received a custodial sentence and then maybe they would think twice about terrorising their neighbours, are these council tenants? if so are they not in breach of their tenancy agreements?


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